Smart & Safe City Solutions

We offer safety enforcement, traffic management and video and analytics solutions that provide cities with tools and data that enhance safety and power mobility all within our back-office violation processing module, AXSIS™. By integrating hardware, software and data to enable our customers to investigate potential criminal activity, our solutions are a key component of a smart city ecosystem.

Delivering on a Smart City Solution Today 

As cities become smarter, safer and more connected, our role in protecting roadways, corridors and intersections will expand. This will include:

  • Creating safer streets by installing, maintaining and managing leading technology that positively impacts driver behavior and enhances road safety
  • Enabling smarter roadways by leveraging data and integrating with existing systems to inform and manage the transportation network
  • Optimizing more efficient city mobility with connected systems that incorporate people, technology and data

Do you need help solving mobility challenges on your roadways? We partner with a variety of customers to achieve smart city solutions. Contact us for more information.

Our Forward-Thinking Options

July 13, 2019

Safety Enforcement

July 13, 2019

Traffic Management

July 13, 2019

Video & Analytics

July 13, 2019

Smart City Platform

July 14, 2019

End-to-End Services


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