Cities and Counties

We enable safer cities by installing, maintaining and managing leading technology solutions that positively impact driver behavior, enhance road safety and optimize traffic mobility. Partnering with government entities, we to create the foundation for a smart transportation ecosystem. 

  • No. 1 provider of road safety cameras in the U.S., partnering with ~200 jurisdictions and school districts 
  • More than 4500 speed, red-light, bus lane and school bus stop arm safety cameras installed 
  • More than 9 million violations processed on behalf of safe city enforcement clients annually
  • ~10 billion vehicles annually included in data captured and provided to the clients we serve

Our Smart & Safe City Solutions

We offer safety enforcement, corridor mobility and video and analytics solutions that provide cities with tools and data that enhance safety and power mobility all within our back-office violation processing module, AXSIS™. By integrating hardware, software and data to investigate potential criminal activity, our solutions are a key component of a smart city ecosystem.

Safe. Smart. Connected.


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