Keeping Virginia Communities Safe

Verra Mobility Speed Safety Camera Programs enhance safety and provide funding for public safety initiatives around the country. We are pleased to offer our speed camera solution to communities across Virginia, helping to keep law enforcement and citizens safe.

Now more than ever, speed safety cameras are an effective tool for communities looking to:

  • Reduce speeding in school and work zones
  • Run hot lists and receive alerts
  • Provide traffic safety while social distancing
  • Free up officers to maximize resources
  • Fund depleted public safety initiatives
  • Smarter Solutions, Safer Streets


    Enforce speed limits during school hours and slow traffic during the time kids, parents, and faculty are walking nearby.


    Enforce speed limits and slow traffic prior to the work zone to enhance both motorist and construction crew safety.


    Speed safety camera programs pay for themselves. More often than not, revenue generated can be used to fund additional public safety initiatives.


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