Smart City Platform

Our AXSIS™ Smart City Platform and violation processing module is the engine transforming the digital evidence securely transmitted and captured at the roadside into prosecutable violations and delivering them to the offenders.

Program highlights:

  • Image and video delivery: Red-light, speed, school bus stop arm and bus lane enforcement camera violations are securely delivered to us via wired and wireless communications
  • Data evaluation: Through a combination of video analytics, interfaces with third-party data providers, processing automation and human review, the roadside data is evaluated against a set of customer-defined rules and delivered into an evidence package, permitting the customer to quickly evaluate whether a violation occurred and to issue a citation
  • Law enforcement notifications: Violation data is forwarded to law enforcement and includes images and video, a close-up license plate image and vehicle owner registration information
  • Determination process: Officers review the event video and images via the secure AXSIS Smart City Platform Violation Processing System to determine whether a violation occurred and whether to issue a citation

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