Commercial Fleets

We partner with commercial fleets to solve their mobility challenges and enhance their efficiency with integrated technologies and solutions that both reduce cost and add value. We provide tolling, violations management, collection and title and registration services to our commercial fleet customers. All of our services are designed to shorten the time it takes to get new vehicles road-ready and then make sure an entire fleet is optimized to manage violations and tolls for maximum efficiency.

Why work with Verra Mobility Commercial Services:

  • #1 provider of toll management to rental car companies and fleet management companies in North America
  • Over 6 million vehicles under management
  • Approximately 200 million toll transactions processed annually
  • Assisting vehicle compliance with title, registration and renewal services processed at scale
  • Violation avoidance and management services to save costs and reduce administration burdens
  • Custom designed apps and systems to assist client asset management requirements

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