Fleet Toll Management

Our fleet toll management services can save fleets up to 50 percent over unmanaged toll methods. Around the world, all-electronic toll roads and cashless toll lanes are enabling speed, convenience, and improved mobility for drivers. However, lack of interoperability among toll authorities can create a complex, disjointed experience for fleets, since cashless and all-electronic toll collection is not designed with fleets in mind. As a result, fleet toll management can be a complicated, arduous, and error-prone undertaking for commercial fleets, fleet management companies, and rental car companies.


Two Ways to Pay Tolls on Time and Avoid Fines

We process 277 million toll transactions each year for fleets and in the process remove the burden of managing toll payments while saving fleets millions. We have a solution that suits your fleet. Choose TollGuard or TollLink and stop dealing with pesky toll violations and penalties.

Video Tolling Backup Network

TollGuard is the best option for fleets that infrequently use toll roads but require backup coverage to avoid toll violations when their vehicles do encounter tolls. Fleet vehicles covered by TollGuard benefit from a national video tolling network which does not require a fleet to acquire and install new devices. TollGuard is the quickest way for fleets stop dealing with costly toll violations and penalties and reduce costs.

Who is it for?

  • Fleets that consistently pay toll violations, fines or penalties
  • Fleets with vehicles that occasionally use toll roads
  • Self-managed fleets with a local transponder


Visit ViziFleet.com to learn how TollGuard works, view coverage maps and more.

Optimizing Fleet Toll Management

As the leading provider of fleet tolling solutions here are the ways our customers benefit:

  • Toll Violations: Reduce or eliminate covered all-electronic and cashless toll lanes
  • Fleet Toll Spend: Gain crucial visibility into tolling activity
  • Toll Processing and Administration: Save 50-80 percent over traditional methods
  • Interoperable Tolling: Available on all-electronic and cashless toll roads for all covered vehicles
  • Route Optimization: Deepen fleet efficiencies by understanding routes and tolling
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enable convenient cashless tolling for customers and fleet drivers
  • Back-Up Toll Coverage: Prevent toll violations if the fleet vehicle’s primary tolling method fails

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