Title & Registration

Commercial fleets are constantly changing – buying, selling and moving vehicles. The title and registration process impacts compliance, and the speed at which these vehicles can be road-ready. We manage the title, registration and renewal processes for millions of vehicles in numerous jurisdictions across the U.S., for the entirety of the vehicle’s lifecycle. This allows commercial fleet operators to rely on a central resource for a full suite of compliance transactions nationwide, providing our clients with a faster, easier and more cost-effective method of ensured compliance on the road.

Our services include:

  • Manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) management
  • Vehicle titles
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Renewals management
  • Title management and electronic lien & title (ELT)
  • Title transfers
  • Plate management
  • Salvage titles
  • International registration plan (IRP) for over-the-road trucks

We’re the leading provider of vehicle title and registration services:

  • Monthly transactions: 170K on average
  • Daily transactions: 8,000
  • On-demand plate replacement, document preparation and permitting
  • Title and registration fee escrow with fast turnaround
  • Title and registration document imaging
  • Initial title and registration and renewals
  • Customer satisfaction: enable convenient cashless tolling for customers and fleet drivers
  • Back-up toll coverage: prevent toll violations if the fleet vehicle’s primary tolling method fails

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