School Districts

School zone speed and school bus stop arm cameras are proven to positively change driver behavior and enhance road safety by reducing the number of collisions, injuries and fatalities that occur as a result of speeding in school zones and drivers passing school buses with their stop arm extended.

  • More than 15 million drivers endanger children by illegally passing a school bus throughout a 180-day school year, estimated by a 2019 national survey conducted by the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS).
  • Speed limits in school zones are reduced for a reason. A pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling at 25 mph is nearly two-thirds less likely to be killed compared to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling just 10 mph faster, according to AAA.

School Safety Programs:

  • School bus stop-arm cameras help protect students getting on and off the school bus safely by reducing the number of school bus passing violations
  • Speed enforcement safety cameras leverage advanced detection technology, high-resolution images and high-definition video to accurately identify and capture images of speeding vehicles to assist with the enforcement of school zone speed limits

In addition to stop arm safety cameras, our smart and safe school bus solution adds technology, including student ridership, bus tracking and a parental notification app to offer increased safety to and from the school and bus stop.

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