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The same infrastructure installed to deliver traffic safety solutions can be leveraged to enhance public safety further. In an effort to assist cities with maximizing every dollar invested in traffic safety infrastructure, we offer a comprehensive suite of video solutions augmenting these same cameras.

Verra Mobility Live

Verra Mobility Live is a self-service interface allowing clients to access IP addresses of enforcement video cameras to view video streams in real time. We developed this solution in direct response to client requests for the ability to utilize photo enforcement video cameras for situational intelligence purposes on an as-needed basis. Our solutions include:

  • Installing a supplemental high-definition video camera and configure a digital interface that can be accessed by any web-enabled device (i.e. computer or smartphone)
  • Allowing clients to retrieve historical video segments, which often prove valuable in the investigation of traffic accidents or other public safety episodes occurring on enforced roadways

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

ALPR is an integrated system of roadside cameras, back-office data management platforms and state- and federally-managed lists of “questionable” vehicles. Our ALPR solution is a highly integrated system that delivers dispatch data within five seconds of capturing a license plate number. ALPR has emerged as one of the primary real-time and investigative solutions for policing agencies across the globe.

ALPR systems work by capturing license plates of virtually every vehicle passing by the ALPR camera to:

  • Instantly pass that plate information to a back office
  • Immediately compare plate data with various “lists” (e.g. stolen vehicles, “be-on-the-lookout” or BOLO notices, sexual predator lists, uninsured motorists)
  • Directly notify designated policing agencies and crime centers for immediate dispatch of an officer

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