Welcome to Verra Mobility

A new kind of smart mobility company focused on safe cities,
smart roadways and the connected systems that tie
them seamlessly together.


While we continue to honor the heritage of our legacy brands – American Traffic Solutions (ATS), Highway Toll Administration (HTA), and Euro Parking Collection (EPC), Verra Mobility will lead with purpose and vision to an exciting new era of smart mobility.

We are a global company that sits at the nexus of the smart mobility ecosystem - vehicles, devices, and information - all in service of solving our customers’ most demanding challenges. At Verra Mobility we take an ecosystem that is increasing in complexity, size and demands, and we simplify it. We create solutions that allow our customers to be smarter, while making mobility safer and easier for everyone.

Our journey has just begun and over the coming days, weeks and months we’ll be transitioning our brands and telling our new story. We look forward to working together to make things safer, smoother and smarter.

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Meet Verra Mobility


We are combining the global capabilities and talents of American Traffic Solutions (ATS), Highway Toll Administration (HTA), and Euro Parking Collection (EPC) under one brand, Verra Mobility.

While this is an important milestone for our company, we know it is just the beginning of our journey to strengthen our position at the center of the rapidly growing smart mobility ecosystem, making simpler, more seamless solutions for our customers. These great brands, now Verra Mobility, share a passion for growth and a purpose of impact.


We believe our actions have the ability to move the world. We exist to create smart mobility solutions that enable the world to move safely and easily.


We seek this purpose by never taking our eye off of what’s most important, our customers. Whether it’s with local governments, commercial or rental fleet owners, tolling authorities or law enforcement, the way we work is defined by a set of core principles.

Fueled by Relationships

We are passionate about building and strengthening the relationships that keep us at the center of the smart mobility ecosystem.

Driven by Impact

We measure our success by the progress we make and the impact we have on those around us.

Guided by What’s Right

We believe trust is earned, and it is earned by solving problems the right way, every time.

Energized by What’s Next

We are relentless in pursuing tomorrow’s solutions while attacking our customer’s toughest challenges today.


Verra Mobility is focused on solutions that help the world move safely and easily. We do this by building safe cities, smart roadways and the connected systems that tie them together.

Safe Cities

We make cities safer for everyone by integrating hardware, software, and data to inform and enforce moving violations and solve crime.

Smart Roadways

We are making roadways around the world more efficient with big data and visionary solutions.

Connected Systems

We seamlessly connect people across the smart mobility ecosystem to important data they need to improve and simplify administrative processes.

Emerging Technologies

Waiting for what comes next has never been in our DNA. We are constantly looking towards the future, ensuring we create relevant solutions today that will work tomorrow. We seek to understand new customers, regions and businesses that will shape tomorrow’s smart mobility experiences, all in an effort to ensure more people around the world reach their destination safely and easily.

Going Places

Our ability to move the world safely and easily is fueled by the passion of our people. Working here, members of our team are given ownership and opportunities to have an impact on our company, on their careers and on the world.

Our working style is defined by a core set of values:

Do What’s Right.
Lead with Grace.
Win Together.
Own It.

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