ATS StreetSafe

Enforce Speed Safely from the Roadside

Maneuvering into traffic and chasing down speeders can be a dangerous and resource-intensive task. Verra Mobility's Handheld Speed Safety Camera Solution empowers law enforcement with the ability to capture, review and issue speed citations safely from the roadside.

Unlike traditional systems, ATS STREETSAFE enables an officer to either proceed with a traffic stop or safely review and issue speed citations from the roadside. Speed events are wirelessly uploaded through a secure connection to Verra Mobility’s Axsis™ Smart Mobility Platform. The automated system promptly extracts the plate number, populates owner registration data, and sends the event back to the officer for review.

Once issued by the officer, a comprehensive evidence package is generated that includes high-resolution photos, high-definition video, and pertinent event data. A court-approved citation is then mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.


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